Glaiza Mae Albadarneh

Teaches: English

Other spoken languages: -

Specialization: TESOL; TEFL; Business English; Travel English; Hotel & Restaurant English; Daily English

Experience: 7 years

Country: Philippines


I have over 7 years of professional experience as a home-based English teacher. I have taught Koreans, Taiwanese, Chinese, Vietnamese and Japanese students. I experienced dealing with different students who are angry, frustrated, worried and afraid. Building an emotional connection with these students is not easy and it’s even harder when there are no verbal or physical cues to follow. Not just that, I always make sure that I addressed all of my students concern without lacking empathy. I do activities that I enjoy the most especially with my family and precious friends like going to places and exploring new things. Since learning never ends, I guess teaching is one way of learning because I get to research different topics beforehand to make sure that I will be giving my students the correct information. I completed a Bachelors degree in Tourism Management and currently a Masters Degree in Business Administration. I have about 3 years of working experience in a hotel that has exposed me to foreign people and equipped me to be able to communicate well. I hope to have you in my class. :)

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